• Lithium Battery for E-Bikes & Tricycles
    Lithium Battery for E-Bikes & Tricycles
    LiFePO4 Power Battery
  • Lithium Batteries for E-Bikes
  • Lithium Batteries for E-Bikes
  • Lithium Batteries for E-Bikes

Lithium Batteries for E-Bikes

Which battery is best for e-bike?
Lithium-ion batteries.
Though Lithium-ion batteries can be costly, we recommend that you purchase a lithium-ion battery for your electric bike. They are the ideal type of battery for every electric bike – in terms of range, weight, longevity, and more. 
  • Type: LiFePO4
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Rated Voltage: 48V
  • Capacity: 21Ah
  • Warranty:2 Year

Basic Info.

Product Specification

Product Name

Lithium Batteries for E-Bikes

Nominal capacity


The rated voltage


Rated total energy


The weight of the


The battery type


System grouping


Protection grade


Electrical parameters

Charging way


Charging current

0.5C (standard continuous charging current @25℃)

1.0C (peak charging current, single duration ≤30S, @25℃)

Charging cutoff voltage


Discharge way


Discharge cut-off voltage


Discharge current

1.5C (standard continuous discharge current @25℃)

2.5c (peak discharge current, single duration ≤60S, @25℃)

Cycle life

2000 times (3 years warranty)

The working conditions

Working temperature

Charging: 0 ~ + 45 ℃

Discharge: -20 ~ +60℃

Storage ambient temperature

Short-term storage: -10 ~ +25℃(≤3 months,SOC: 40% ~ 60%)

Long-term storage: 15 ~ +25℃ (≤1 year,SOC:40%~60%)

Store humidity

5% ~ 85% RH

Shipment status

SOC: 30 ~ 60%, can be adjusted according to customer requirements

Product Description

Advantage of Lithium Batteries for E-Bikes

1. Long life, large capacity and good shock resistance

2. Low self-discharge and good discharge performance at low temperature

3. Strong charging acceptance and quick-charging capability

4. Maintenance-free and no acid or water for maintenance in usage

5. Excellent large current discharge performance, and have obvious advantages in startup and climbing

6. Environmental friendly



Widely applied in  Electric Bicycle, Electric vehicle, Electric Tricycle, Electric scooter, Electric golf trolley, Electric car, Electric wheelchairs,two wheel vehicles and etc.

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