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Lithium Batteries for Folklifts

The Folklifts battery system uses lithium iron phosphate battery, which has excellent safety performance, ultra-long cycle performance, good environmental adaptability, high energy density, low cost and no pollution.
  • Warranty:2 Year

Product Description

Key Advantages of Lithium-Ion Forklift Batteries


Lithium-ion batteries can offer your operation an advantage by increasing efficiency. 


1.Consistent Power: Whether you have a single-shift, single-forklift operation or a large fleet working 24-hours a day, one important factor in delivering results and projecting milestones is consistent power throughout the charge of the battery. Lithium-ion forklift batteries deliver consistent power and battery voltage throughout the full charge; while lead-acid battery charges deliver declining power rates as the shift wears on.


2.Faster Charging Speeds: lithium-ion batteries are 30% more energy-efficient and charge 8x faster than lead-acid batteries. In daily operations, Lithium Batteries for Folklifts provide faster charging speeds without the need for charging and cooling. This can help optimize daily productivity and even reduce the number of forklifts needed to meet goals.

Opportunity Charging: Lithium-ion forklift batteries can be opportunity charged in any setting, eliminating the need for time-consuming battery swaps.


3.Fewer Required Batteries: Lithium-ion forklift batteries can remain in equipment longer where one battery can take the place of three lead-acid batteries in a multi-shift use setting. This helps eliminate the cost and storage space required for additional lead-acid batteries.


BMS and Power Circuit 

• Continuous monitoring of operating parameters such as voltage, temperature and current • Fully regulated charge/discharge procedure and integrated balancing function for maximum protection and enhanced battery cycle life 

• Indication of State of Charge (SoC) 

• Industrial design optimizes cable management and easy access to all battery compartments

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