Asian manufacturers are stepping up efforts to build electric car platforms.

After Foxconn and Geely, China's BYD group announced it would build its own zero-emissions base.

BYD, the Chinese manufacturer, is best known for its electric buses, which have been widely exported around the world, and is developing a new electric vehicle platform.

Currently in a state of "preliminary research", the project should lead to the first model, which will be on display at the China International Auto Show in Shanghai in 2021.

The platform will allow the release of performance cars, according to Byd vice President Lian Yubo.

And high security.

In interviews with local media, the manager assured us that the vehicle he will operate will have the same autonomy as a thermal car.

The site will also reduce production costs for builders.

Byd is competing with other Asian brands for dedicated electric platforms.

Recently, Geely Group announced the launch of its open Source SEA "Sustainable Experience Architecture" base, which will produce at least 16 vehicles.

Taiwanese iPhone maker Foxconn also unveiled its "MIH" platform, which promises to be the "Android system for the electric car industry" of the future.

European manufacturers are also starting up, such as Volkswagen and its "MEB" base, Renault-Nissan's "CMF-EV" or PSA Group's future "eVMP".